Worlds and Worlds Beyond

The kobold chief

We join our Adventurers in the depths of the dens Booth Swamp ,in the Koblod Stronghold, fighting for their lives against wave upon wave of Kobolds and, at ne point, even a drake. At length they managed to enter and thoroughly search each room, corridor, nook, and cranny which they came across.that is, all but one brutally stubborn door which they could neither stealthily pick the lock to open, or decide to bash down. Our band of adventurers at length decided to table the problem of the seemingly impassable door and proceeded through a set of large, ornate, if a little worn, doors to find, seated at the end of a crude thrown hall, The viscous yet eloquent Kobold Chief. The Adventurers used their great skills of persuasion and diplomacy to try to disuade the Chief from continuing attacks on the town of Mandrid, as per the Mayor of Mandrid’s instructions, but were met with only hostility and distrust, which at length led to a bloddy and fearsome battle between the Adventurers and the Kobold Chief and his minions. After the dust and smoke of battle had settled, the Adventurers emerged victorious over the steaming corps of the Chief. The Adventurers achieved their goal of stopping further raids on Mandrid, but at what cost? Will ever a Kobold trust our hearty band again?

Into The Koblold Stronghold

The adventurrers find their way int the Koblod strong hold in the heart of Booth Swamp. Therein the battle their way about, trying to find the chief so that they may persuade him to stop attacking the town of [[Mandrid]. While trying to discover the chiefs location within the stronghold, the adventurers found a tattoo stone of Tattoo of Arcane Blood, which they imparted to Berlyn.

First Day on the Job

The aspiring heros Arimil, Berlyn, Nebben, Dara, And Morgran met in an inn in the small town of Mandrid and joined together in a quest to stop a band of Kobolds from attacking the town. the Quest was prompted to them by the towns derisive mayor, whom the adventurers skillfully persuaded to provide them with a map of the stronghold and 50 gp. to spend on the mission. the adventurers then gathered information on the swamp from an elf named Bethnril and delved int the swamp. In the swamp the adventurers searched for the stronghold of kobolds, but instead found a series of cryptic maps and clues which, when pieced together properly, reveled the location of the abandoned temple where the kobolds han made their home.


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